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Clinic Based Speech Therapy Services

We have three beautiful facilities where we provide clinic based speech and language services for individuals from birth to adult.  Our offices are located in Antelope Valley, Los Angeles, and San Gabriel Valley.  We provide the personalized therapeutic intervention plans to address your child's specific deficit.

School Based Speech Therapy Services

​Working closely with many of the private and charter schools in Los Angeles, our therapists provide speech and language services, work with the staff to create an environment that will maximize the child's learning potential, and develop home programs with the parents for continuity of care.

Home Based Speech Therapy Services


​DV Therapy is vendored through Regional Center near all three of our office locations. 

Yoga for Kids

Our yoga program works on combining speech, language, and commuication development while reducing anxiety, calming the body and mind, bulding self-confidence, and improving strength, flexibility, and body awareness.  We provide fun in an inclusive and supportive enviroment. 

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Our skilled speech language pathologists have been requested to provide speech services to nearby skilled nursing facilities within our San Gabriel Valley region.  To get further information, please contact us via email info@dvtherapy.com.

Social Skills Group

We provide social skills groups ​ranging from 3-6 years of age, 7-10 years of age, 11-13 years of age, and 14+.   

Occupational Therapy

DV Therapy - Los Angeles, provides occupational therapy services to work on challenges associated with developmental disabilities to maximize the individual's potential with sensory integration therapy.