School Based Therapy Services

Servicing locations for private and public schools in Antelope Valley, Bakersfield, Los Angeles, and San Gabriel Valley.

DV Therapy Public School Services

  • NPA Certified
  • IEP driven therapy
  • Dynamic Screenings, Assessments, Intervention
  • In person and Virtual services available
  • Classroom based collaborative services
  • Consultations with school staff and parents
  • Small group sessions
  • Individual setting
  • Social Skills Programs

DV Therapy Private School Services:

  • School range: DayCare – High School
  • Most major insurances accepted
  • Superbills offered 
  • Free and low cost screenings
  • Dynamic Screenings, Assessments, Intervention
  • Individual therapy
  • Classroom based collaborative services
  • Consultations with school and parents
  • Parent training and regular updates
  • Teacher in-services
  • Social Skills Programs

Are you a school district in need of comprehensive evaluations and ongoing services, including IEE?

DV Therapy has worked with large school districts within Southern California to provide ongoing services, single case agreements, IEP evaluations, IEEs, and consultations.

Are you a public school seeking our services through our NPA? 

DV Therapy is proud to be certified by the California Department of Education as a Non-Public Agency (NPA) throughout Southern California. 

Our NPA allows us to partner with incredible public and charter schools in the region to provide speech and language as well as occupational therapy services to students who qualify through an Individualized Education Program (IEP). Our school based therapists provide both in person and virtual therapy interventions.

Our clinicians will provide school-based speech therapy that is related to the education program for students who may present with a disorder, delay, or deficit in speech or language. Service delivery models may include classroom based collaborative services, consultations with school staff and parents, small group sessions, or in an individual setting depending on the individual’s needs

Are you a private school seeking our services for a screening or evaluation?

Since opening our doors in 2014, DV Therapy has been working in private schools ranging from day care-high school. We provide school with free and low cost screenings to determine if services are needed, conduct evaluations, provide intervention, consultation with teacher and families, and provide training for staff. We believe strongly in a collaborative approach and parent/teacher involvement and communication is stressed with all of our students.

Are you a parent seeking our services for a screening or evaluation?

Click here to contact us. 


We offer a two-tier screening option: 

1) A 15-30 minute comprehensive screening with screening results, recommendations, and suggestions for the home and school. Includes interview with the parent and the teacher. 

2) A 10-15 minute basic screening with concise reporting of the results and indication if further testing is warranted.  

All screenings Includes interview with the teacher and include feedback provided by the parent. 

Screenings are done at the school and are conducted as an informal observation of a child to determine if a speech and language assessment is warranted. The screener is utilized to determine whether the child is at risk for a speech or language disorder. The result of a screening is typically reported as “Pass” or “Fail.” If a student “fails” a screening, the SLP, OT, and/or BCBA will recommend that the student receives a full evaluation.


Request a Screening

To request a screening for your child or to setup screenings at your school:

  1. Contact [email protected] to get scheduled for a screener
  2. Send back the completed requests 
  3. Complete the screeners
  4. Receive screener report and discuss the results in 1-2 weeks. 
  5. If the student fails the screener, we will discuss options for an evaluation.
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We LOVE DV Therapy Palmdale! My son has Autism and gets Speech. He was getting Occupational Therapy services and has since graduated with the help of Ms.Alyah! Ever since he started there has been a HUGE improvement in his speech and fine motor skills. My child loves going to his therapies here and gets excited when he sees his therapists! It’s such a nice feeling knowing he likes the people there and wants to go back week after week. The staff here are very professional and you can see that they really care about your child. Ms.Amber is great and really takes in mind what my child interests are and turns it into speech opportunities! We are so grateful for all the amazing support from DV Therapy Palmdale!
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Nicholas Van Pelt Avatar
Nicholas V.
3 weeks ago
Dv therapy is amazing. Staff is wonderful and so helpful. My little has been going for 2 years and has shown so much progress. Thank you to the wonderful ladies working with him.
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Reanna Slankard Avatar
Reanna S.
3 weeks ago
My kiddo started here when she was a little over two years old. Bronti and Hava have helped her developed her speech in just a matter of months and my daughter continues to expand her vocaulary daily.
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Sabrina Leu Avatar
Sabrina L.
1 month ago
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