Teletherapy: Adults and Children

We are offering Teletherapy! 

Teletherapy allows our clinician and clients to receive therapy services through distance learning through a secured video platform.

Required Equipment: 

Computer (desktop or laptop) or tablet
Built-in or external microphone and webcam
High-speed internet works best

Parent/Caregiver Role: 

You will act as an ‘e-helper’ for your little one during his/her session to help navigate the technology, implement strategies while your therapist coaches you, help to manage attention and participation, and give positive feedback for a job well done (think high-fives). Please make yourself readily available to ensure an awesome session. 

Teletherapy Outcomes: 

Research studies have shown that outcomes are consistent with traditional (in-person) delivery methods for different ages and patient populations.  

Learn More:

Sorry this page is currently under construction. However, please feel free to reach out to us for more information about our program at [email protected].

We LOVE DV Therapy Palmdale! My son has Autism and gets Speech. He was getting Occupational Therapy services and has since graduated with the help of Ms.Alyah! Ever since he started there has been a HUGE improvement in his speech and fine motor skills. My child loves going to his therapies here and gets excited when he sees his therapists! It’s such a nice feeling knowing he likes the people there and wants to go back week after week. The staff here are very professional and you can see that they really care about your child. Ms.Amber is great and really takes in mind what my child interests are and turns it into speech opportunities! We are so grateful for all the amazing support from DV Therapy Palmdale!
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Nicholas Van Pelt Avatar
Nicholas V.
3 weeks ago
Dv therapy is amazing. Staff is wonderful and so helpful. My little has been going for 2 years and has shown so much progress. Thank you to the wonderful ladies working with him.
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Reanna Slankard Avatar
Reanna S.
3 weeks ago
My kiddo started here when she was a little over two years old. Bronti and Hava have helped her developed her speech in just a matter of months and my daughter continues to expand her vocaulary daily.
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Sabrina Leu Avatar
Sabrina L.
1 month ago
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